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Jio Fiber Broadband to Offer 100 GB Data at just Rs. 500

Jio Fiber is in the news for a long time now. Users are eagerly waiting for the launch and there is still no official announcement for Reliance as of now. Jio is now a household name across the nation and is growing stronger & better at a rapid pace. The reason behind the tremendous success of Jio is its pricing. Jio has completely penetrated the market by offering better services at almost half of price. This is also a reason why users are expecting a lot from Jio Fiber.

As per the latest reports, Reliance Jio is expected to launch in Diwali and will offer amazing launch offers including 100 GB data at mere Rs. 500. If this is true, this would be the cheapest wireline broadband plan. Currently, BSNL is the biggest player in this segment with over half the users on its network. There are only 20 million wireline broadband users in India as compared to 200 million wireless broadband users. The reason behind such a low number is the lack of service providers and availability. High Data rates is also a major cause why users do not opt for wired broadband services.

Jio Fiber can offer a data speed of up to 100 Mbps and can easily change the scenario of wired broadband market. The current players are offering half of this data and at the double price compared to 100 GB Data at Rs. 500 by Jio Fiber. Since it needs wired cables to laid before launch, it is expected that it will take some more time. This year Diwali is on 19th October so you will have to wait until October to enjoy the services of Jio Fiber.

Jio Fiber is in the beta phase and will launch soon. Reliance has confirmed that Jio Fiber will first be launched in 10 cities including the metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida etc. We recently published a post in detail about the List of cities getting Jio and its Preview Offer.

Nothing can be confirmed till the time Reliance make any official announcements. Most of the claims made on the Internet are based on leaks and Rumors. However, if any of this news are true, Jio Fiber will do exactly the same what Jio did in the Mobile Data market. We hope Reliance will soon launch the Jio Fiber and will again offer affordable wired broadband.

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