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Now make ISD Calls at Rs. 3/Min with Jio International Rate Cutter

Jio has decided to take the telecom war to a new level with its ISD offers. After disrupting the telecom market in terms of Internet and Calling, Jio is now all set to attract customers for ISD calling. Jio has recently announced its International calling plan called as ‘Rate-Cutter’ where it is offering ISD calls at as low as Rs.3/min. It should be noted here that this is the lowest & most affordable ISD plan currently available in the market.

When it comes to other telecom services, they are struggling hard to attract customers in this field as ISD calling rates are way too high in India and users have to shed a lot of money if they plan to make an ISD Call. However, things will change thanks to the ‘Rate-Cutter’ Plan by Jio. This ISD plan would certainly help those users who make regular ISD calls from India to abroad. As per this plan, Jio will charge Rs 3/min to Rs 13/min from users for International Calling depending on the country they are calling.

How can you avail this ‘Rate-Cutter’ Plan?

For availing this plan, users will have to buy the Jio’s ISD Plan costing Rs. 501. Under this plan, users will get Rs. 435.65 of talk time for ISD calling and it will be valid for 28 days. This plan is only applicable when you are making calls from India to abroad.

ISD Call Rates in ‘Rate-Cutter’ Plan

Prices/Min Countries Included
Rs 3/min Bangladesh, Canada, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Angola, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, French Guiana, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, U.S Virgin Islands
Rs 4.8/min Malaysia, France, Pakistan, Japan, Argentina, Brunei, Colombia, Denmark, Israel, Paraguay, South Korea,
Rs 5/min China, American Samoa, Bermuda, Mexico
Rs 7.2/min Australia, Germany, Thailand, Angola, Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Turkey
Rs 8/min Nigeria
Rs 12/min Saudi Arabia
Rs 13/min UAE, Nepal

You can get the rates for the other countries from the Jio’s Official website. If you are not in India & are using your Jio to make ISD calls you will be charged Standard ISD Rates. After offering free Internet for almost 5 months along with free calling, this is Jio’s new plan to lure more users. It would be interesting to see how other major telecom companies like Airtel & Vodafone reacts to this new ‘Rate-Cutter’ Plan. Jio has already stopped its free service and is now urging users to be their Prime Members and avail free services for three more months after recharging for Rs. 309.

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