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Reliance Jio vs Airtel Broadband Plans [Comparison]

The fight between Jio and Airtel is getting interesting day by day. Everyone witnessed how Jio completely disrupted the mobile network market by offering free data and free calling. It is due to Jio that Airtel has to revise all its plans and reduce the data cost. Just a year ago, 1 GB of 4G used to cost somewhere around Rs. 250-300 and it was similar on other mobile networks as well. However, things changed quickly when Jio entered the market.

Jio came with a 3-month Free plan and later extended it twice for 3 more months. Jio became an overnight star with millions of users opting for Jio over other mobile networks. To curb this, Airtel also decided to decrease their data rates and now, we get 1 GB data per day in under Rs. 300. After mobile network, Jio is now all set to enter the Broadband Market. Broadband Market is currently dominated by BSNL with over 50% user using state-owned BSNL.

Jio Broadband can be launched anytime soon now which is the reason that Airtel has also decided to take Jio for a head to head contest.

List of Airtel Broadband Plans.

  • Rs. 599 – Unlimited STD & Local Calling, 20 GB Data, 8 Mbps Speed.
  • Rs. 799 – Unlimited STD & Local Calling, 30 GB Data, 16 Mbps Speed.
  • Rs. 999 – Unlimited STD & Local Calling, 65 GB Data, 40 Mbps Speed.
  • Rs. 1199 – Unlimited STD & Local Calling, 90 GB Data, 40 Mbps Speed.

These are the updated Airtel Broadband Plans and many vary a bit from state to state and carry 30 days Validity.

List of Jio Broadband Plans

Jio has categorized its plans into three categories which are mentioned below.

Speed Based Jio Fiber Plan: All these plans carry a validity of 30 Days

Speed Data Price
50 Mbps 2000 GB Rs. 1500
100 Mbps 1000 GB Rs. 2000
400 Mbps 500 GB Rs. 4000
600 Mbps 300 GB Rs. 5500

Volume Based Jio Fiber Plan:
All these plans carry a validity of 30 Days. There is no news on what speed would be in these plans but you can expect a decent speed in between 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Data Price
Daily 5 GB Rs. 1000
Daily 10 GB Rs. 2000
Daily 20 GB Rs. 3000
Daily 40 GB Rs. 4000
Daily 60 GB Rs. 5000

Special Jio Fiber Plan:

Speed Data Price
15 Mbps 600 GB Rs. 500
25 Mbps 500 GB Rs. 1000
Not Available 3.5 GB per Day Rs. 500

Reliance has still not made any official announcements and it is expected that it will soon be launched. Keep reading to know all the latest information on Reliance Jio Fiber.

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