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Vodafone to offer Free Voice Calling & 1 GB 4G Per Day for 70 Days at Rs. 445

Vodafone which is India’s second largest telecom provider has come up with three new plans to fight against Jio. Vodafone has launched a 4G offer Pack under which the company will give 1 GB 4G Data per day along with Free Voice Calling to any network for 70 days at just Rs. 445. This is an interesting move by Vodafone to stop customers from porting to Jio or Airtel which are offering some great deals and amazing plans.

It is the doing of Jio which is putting pressure on India’s top telecom providers to change their data plans and Jio is currently offering Free 4G Data and Voice Calling under Dhan Dhana Dhan Yojana at a very attractive price. Due to this, Airtel & Idea also launched similar plans to offer 1 GB 4G Data per day.

The 445 Plan is applicable for users having 4G handset only. If you have a 3G handset you will get free calling but not free data. The free data under 445 3G Plan is reduced to 2GB only for 35 days. This plan will also encourage users to bu a 4G handset to avail the free 1GB quota per day. This plan is available for Prepaid users only and is a First Recharge Coupon which means you can only use this plan once.

Vodafone 445 Plan for 4G Users Vodafone 445 Plan for 3G Users
Price Rs. 445 Rs. 445
Data 1 GB 4G per Day 2 GB
Voice Calling Free to all Networks (Local + STD) Free to all Networks (Local + STD)
Validity 70 Days 35 Days

It should be noted that there is a limit on free Voice Calling. The voice calling is capped at 300 Minutes per Day and 1200 Minutes per week. After this free limit, you will be charged the regular rates of voice calling. Another downside is that it is an FRC plan so you can enjoy this plan only once and after that, you won’t be eligible for using it.  These are the major downsides of this plan as almost all other telecom providers are offering similar plans but with free voice calling without any limit.

Apart from this, Vodafone has also come up with two new voice Combo Plans. One of them is priced as Rs 245 and offers 1 GB of 3G Data for 28 Days with free Voice Calling to only Vodafone Network. The second one is priced as Rs. 353 and offer free unlimited calling to any network for 28 days along with 2 GB of 3G data. All these plans are active now and can be availed either via Offline Mode or Online Mode.

Visit Vodafone’s Official Website for more information.